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The first global Store Locator dedicated
to Luxury Shoppers!

Based on the conviction that technology is becoming a real Lifestyle, So Goods has created the first community-based application dedicated to the world of fashion and luxury goods so that Luxury Shoppers 2.0 can discover, share and buy the products of their dreams thanks to the first global Store Locator, already containing geo-localised information on over 350 brands and 200,000 stores.

So Goods primarily targets "new consumers" in the luxury goods sector, from emerging countries such as China, Russia and Brazil, by offering them a tool that can meet the needs of a global, nomadic yet connected clientele.
As the last few years have seen a growing trend towards greater personalisation and the reinvention of the in-store experience, a new tool needed to be created to give users a truly interactive experience.

Customer relations at the heart of the experience

Stores remain an essential part of a brand. As such it has become vital to link the digital (online) and physical (offline) worlds while creating a strong connection between these channels: ROPO (Research Online, Purchase Offline). *75% of Luxury Shoppers research their product on the internet before making a purchase, and 72% from them will also buy offline, which means in the store. The main reason for this is the wish to handle the product before purchase.

So Goods, a genuine "drive-to-store" application dedicated to the world of fashion and luxury goods, meets the needs of a new generation of customers, using new technologies in order to truly create a community experience. It is a new mode of communication for brands, known as "Social Recommendation": the community advising the community. Indeed, on So Goods, every member can make recommendations, but also follow the advice of the most influential or expert members. In addition, members can use So Goods to find others with a similar Lifestyle. This is made possible via a match percentage, calculated using information provided by the user upon registration.


Combining the best of luxury retail and social media

Designed for optimal use on an international level, whether the So Goods user is in Shanghai, Paris or Los Angeles, the application will make users’ life easier thanks to its geo-localised search feature which shows the exact location of the closest luxury and designer stores. If the user is looking for a particular category of products, the So Goods Store Locator enables them to find more than 200,000 store addresses by brand across the world. Users will be able to plan their shopping expedition before even going to the store, by taking advantage of a service that is truly unique to the luxury sector.

The application contains information on over 350 brands divided into 15 product categories: men and women's fashion, jewellery, watches, shoes, leather goods, cars, etc. If a user is interested in a particular watch or a handbag, they can use the application to ask for opinions on these products directly from their followers. The community aspect is strongly developed at So Goods, allowing the user to share information on new products and also follow brand news based on their pre-determined affinities. Enough to keep the dream alive while renewing the value of the brand the user follows.

Combining the best of the world of luxury retail and the technology lifestyle, the So Goods application significantly develops the privileged relationship the user has with their favourite brands, making their daily life more interesting, more intelligent and, above all, more practical!

*Source: Ipsos MediaCT - April 2013
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The application So Goods is now available to download for free, in English, French and Chinese from the AppStore, and soon from the Playstore.